When we started to plan our adventure, we contacted with  Visit Iceland to let them now our project, as any help was more than helpful and welcome.

The first response we got was from  Visit South Iceland, undoubtely the most impressive region, with Skogafoss waterfalls and Jökulsárlon glacier. They showed interest in the project and recommended us to stay at  Stracta Hotel to start visiting the region.


What a good idea! Stracta Hotel, at Hella, is the perfect door to enter the South Region. We arrived there physically tired and morally defeated, as due to may accident we had to change plans, got back to Reykjavik, rent a car and drive to Hella. In addition, it had been raining the whole day. But the wonderful natural hot tub at 38ºC was waiting for us! Unfortunately that night rained and the sky was not clear, but imagine how amazing must it be to have the chance to spot northern lights while sitting in an outdoor hot tub! Who cares about winter times?




We had to run to the room. After 160km on the bike, a warm and comfortable bed felt like a bliss! Everything at Stracta is designed to indulge the body with the best relief!



Our project delighted also  Visit Reykjanes. Reykjanes is the islandic region that everyone sets foot on, as there is the Keflavik International airport, but at the same time it is one of the most unknown, as many people just go from the airport to the capital. Apart from updating us about the bike lanes there and giving us touristic information, they put us through Blue Lagoon so we could make the most of our journey there.

And what a surprise from their side! As already mentioned here, at Blue Lagoon we were completely spoiled. They took care of our bicycles and provide us with bath robes and all what we needed to make our stay unforgettable. We didn’t want to go out of the water to go to the airport!

So in case you still have doubts, do not hesitate anymore and just book a ticket to the ice island with fire heart. For sure you will come back delighted, as we did!




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